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Written by ScrewFaceKiLLA   User Rating:starstarstarstarstar / 8
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tOUCh 182Touch's début album "Natural selection" (Darwinism)

"Proved that Edmonton MC's had the skills to compete with cats from other scenes worldwide"-Arlo Maverick

See magazine.

The music speaks for itself- Incredibly imaginative yet stubbornly grasping with all its might to an ancient form of hip hop championed by such gurus as Guru and Premo (Gang Starr), KRS 1, EPMD, and other beat chemists known for there pioneering tendencies.

Touch's impending sophomore project "Self Evident" will prove indisputably that Edmonton Hip Hop is an imminent force within Canada's Hip Hop culture. Touch, choosing to exploit "Blatant reality", says he still will not hesitate to playfully imagine but...

“I find it more fun to pick out the insane instances of a seemingly mundane existence" Touch admits” I'll put them on paper and make em rhyme if I have too; I think I now prefer stark reality over subliminal fantasy."

A member of Edmonton's most credible Hip Hop movement , 'Dangerous Goods Collective', has allowed Touch the opportunity to appear on 'Dig Your Roots' an all Canadian representation of Hip Hop music and Hip Hop Culture. Dangerous Goods Collective was selected amongst 400 entries across Canada to appear on the 15 song CD released by Corus Entertainment and the NCRA-ANREC In March 2003. You can find production and writing credits on DGC's first commercial release ‘On the Level' which was also very well received.

"Dangerous Goods Collective has crafted themselves a fine first album, replete with intelligent lyrics, slick production and a confident give and take between each member that bespeaks a serious amount of practice. See magazine, may 9th 2001."

Touch live in concert is always a memorable experience. Accompanied by DGC these veterans play live sought after classic instruments any beat connoisseur would drool over. Each member moving from Akia MPC, to Roland 808, to Ensoniq EPS, to Technique 1200 turntables, to Vestax turntables. You really leave the show with an appreciation for Hip Hop as an art, even if you haven't listened to the music.


Last Updated ( Monday, 17 January 2005 )

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